Cell Phone Lookup Helps Snag Drug Dealer

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We live during fascinating times, when technology has declared a war on crime. With all the new electronic gadgets and ways to track them assisting law enforcement, criminals are having a much more difficult time covering their tracks. Cell phone lookup is one of these important developments that can and do help protect the citizens' safety and lead police to criminals.

This week, a 44-year-old Springfield, MA woman was arrested for dealing heroin from her apartment. The undercover narcotics detectives had assistance from a cell phone lookup. They determined the suspect was using her cell phone to conduct her trade. Since they knew the woman's full name, detectives obtained her cell phone number and address from a cell phone lookup database. One of them called the dealer impersonating a client and placed an order for 10 bags of heroin. They agreed they'd call when they arrived at her address, and she would meet them outside.

The suspect did bring out the goods and was arrested after completing the transaction with the undercover officer. The dealer was charged with distribution of heroin, possession of heroin with intent to distribute and violation of a drug-free school zone (she lived near a high school).

It is ironic that criminals relying on cell phones for anonymity are discovering that they have become the most common source of their demise, making their location and movements very easy to trace. It may be time to rethink the strategy; better yet, change the lifestyle altogether.

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