Cell Phone Lookup Facilitates Fun Birthday Parties

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My son's birthday party is coming up soon. He wants to invite just about everyone he knows, and that's okay with me. Except the PTA-assembled school contact information is not complete or up-to-date. We finally found the addresses or phone numbers (to call and ask for the address to send the invitation) of most people from school. The problem is, Nic has to have one more boy he's known since preschool, Devin, and I've lost contact with his parents. Their phone number is disconnected and the invitation I put in the mail came back undeliverable. Now what?

I love my son way too much to disappoint him. I have to find out how to get in touch with Devin's parents, no matter what. What was that article I read online talking about? Something called a cell phone lookup? Let me check it out. Oh, it's an online form, and you can input first/last name and city/state of the person whose cell phone number you want to find.

Oh, check this out! According to this report, Devin's family has moved, but not too far. Here is their address - I am going to put the invitation in the mail today - and here is their new cell phone number; I'll call them tomorrow and tell them about the invitation being in the mail. It's nice to re-establish the ties. This cell phone lookup is really something! Hopefully Devin can attend our party. Those boys haven't seen each other in two years. Nic will be so happy, and that means my mission is accomplished. This birthday party will be so much fun!

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