Cell Phone Fallen in Water? Here Is What You Should Do

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We have our mobile phones on us all through the day, and there are many instances in a day where the cell phone is exposed to dangerous situations. Like all electronic devices, cells need to be kept away from water, places that are radioactive, and some particular brands and models are too delicate for everyday use. While most of us do not go around tinkering around nuclear devices and other radioactive situations, even the more careful among us may sometimes fall prey to the situation of a wet mobile phone.

The truth is that your mobile phone scar for life if it ever falls into the water, and another fact is that it might never come out of the shock. However, if you are one of those ultra-positive ones, you can always check out these tips:

Take it out, switch it off:

Chances are that your cell phone will switch off automatically when it falls in the water. Even if it is not, switch it off as that may short circuit the mobile phone. When the mobile phone falls in the water, take it out immediately, because though the covers are pretty sturdy, if the water gets into the inner circuit, it is time for another mobile phone, as your's will be dead on arrival. The phone undergoes the most damage when connected to a power source and is exposed to water.

Remove the Battery:

Remove the battery as soon as possible. Most circuits inside the mobile will be hunky dory even if immersed in water, unless they are connected to a power source and have power surging through it. If your mobile does fall in the water, check for a white spot at the edge of the screen, where the battery indicator resides. If it's white, you still have luck on your side, if it's red...

Dry the Phone:

Once you have taken off the battery and all the other peripherals, you should do your best to dry the phone. You can first dry it with a mittened hand, and even vacuum clean it. You can even use a alcohol cleaner, as the alcohol will displace the water in the phone. To dry it out completely, you can even put it into a bowl of rice, as rice has a high affinity to water.

These are three simple steps that you should take up if your mobile phone falls in the water.

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