Cell phone Battery maintenance tips

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Cell phone Battery maintenance tips.
Cell phones have become more than just a part of our daily lives, for some of us they may be the basis of our entire businesses or the foundation of our relationships. These nifty little devices are easily maintainable to deliver an extended device life thus proving to “pay for themselves”. The biggest nuisance that you can encounter in your cell phone is assumed to be the replacement of their batteries as they tend to wear out after a while, the specific term used for this wearing of battery life is “the memory effect”. The memory effect is an un-ignorable consequence of the gadget battery so it is not yet possible to fully solve this problem but to increase the life of your battery.
“Tips to maximize your cell phone battery life”

1. Like all other batteries it is recommended that you only recharge it when the battery is low, leaving it charging while it’s full can result in permanent damage to your battery and it can also shorten your battery life.

2. Turning the phone off when you know our not going to be answering any calls or using your phone otherwise, this will be an eco friendly step also it will help you to increase your battery life.
3. Turning off unnecessary applications such as blue tooth and wifi when not in use is a good idea.
4. If you have a 3g phone, use it in GSM mode when you’re not using the 3G applications as they tend to drain power much quicker than GSM usage of the phone.
5. Make sure your cell phones battery contacts are clean as they are the cause of many battery problems.
6. As instructed by all cell phone manufacturers always keep your phone in a cool and dry place. Exposing your battery to sunlight for hours may permanently damage it.
7. For vibrating batteries make sure the phone does not vibrate when it is being charged in an external charging device.

Batteries are to be replaced with new ones after they have served their battery life as they are no longer able to deliver the same amount of talktime or do not charge properly.

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