Celina Jaitley's career may hit the highway with 'Accident on Hill Road', says Ganesha

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Celina Jaitley is all set to make a comeback with the upcoming Bollywood thriller 'Accident on Hill Road'. Ganesha uses Vedic Astrology system to predict whether 'Accident on the Hill Road' will bring about a positive change in Celina's film career or notCelina Jaitley is all set to make a comeback with the upcoming Bollywood thriller 'Accident on Hill Road'. The film, according to her and those associated with the film, will change the way the world looks at her. In the film, the sexy lady will be seen in a slightly 'deglamourised' version of her usual self - a change not many men will be too happy about.

Ganesha uses Vedic Astrology system to predict whether 'Accident on the Hill Road' will bring about a positive change in Celina's film career or not.

Astrological observations

* Film is releasing with Aquarius rising (ascendant). Yoga Karaka planet Saturn is placed in the 11th House of gains, but it's also afflicted by Rahu.
* In the Release time chart, Mars the Lord of Karma Bhuvan is debilitated, thus weak.

* Moon, the significator of creativity, is afflicted by Ketu.
* Mercury, the significator of written and verbal communications (story and dialogues), is retrograde.
* In Celina's chart, Venus is in Sagittarius. In release time horoscope, Venus is in Sagittarius. This indicates that Celina is currently under the influence of 'Venus Return'
* Transiting Jupiter has formed trine with Celina's Natal Moon and Mercury

Astrological Predictions

* As the Karma Bhuvan Lord in the Release time chart is weak due to debilitation, this film may not do very well at the Box Office.
* Sun, the Lord of the 7th House of opposition, is in the 11th House of gains in the release time chart. This indicates that though the film may face tough competition, it will be able to affect business of other films because the Sun is afflicted by Rahu, which may make the competitors little weak.
* Retrograde Mercury afflicted by Rahu indicates that story may have very strong base but the treatment and dialogues may not be equally supportive. The film will be average and the element of suspense may not leave any major impact on the audience.

* Venus with Rahu in the release time chart also indicates that this film may have some bold sequences and story may contain something related to illicit relationship.
* This film will surely lead Celina's film career to the next level as she is under the influence of Venus Return. Audience will at least watch this film for Celina's performance.
* Ganesha feels that the film may do very average business at the Box Office. It will be a one-time watch, and Celina's performance will stand out.

In short, although luck is not much in Nari Hira's favour, Celina will rise and shine with this film.

Ganesha's Grace,
Bhavesh N Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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