Celebrity news: Taylor Momsen’s Pretty Reckless attitude to geography doesn’t go down well

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Taylor Momsen has straddled two very different worlds over the past year or so – appearing in celebrity news columns due to her acting role in US drama Gossip Girl, while also courting the music press in her soft rock band Pretty Reckless.

One world the 17-year-old appears to know less about, however, is the real one - if a gaff at a recent gig is anything to go by. Addressing the crowd at a gig in Glasgow during the band’s recent UK tour, Momsen revealed her pleasure at being in “England”, where the “craziest crowds” are found, apparently. After taking a few seconds to digest what they’d heard, the fans’ cheers pretty quickly turned to boos.

And now that footage of the embarrassing incident has been uploaded to YouTube, the singer has been getting serious stick from fans all over the world, with many questioning her understanding of basic geography. Some asked whether a backstage hand could have pointed out the name of the country where the band was playing. Others were more sympathetic, putting the blooper down to nerves and a slip of the tongue.

After news of the mistake travelled around the world, Momsen took to her Twitter page to apologise for the incident and promised a more extensive tour of Scotland next time around. Of course, Taylor’s not the first star to be mocked on celebrity gossip sites over an apparent lack of geographical nous.

Last year, Britney Spears told her fans she was glad to be in Sacramento – despite actually being in San Jose. Even stars of the urban music and rap world – who are usually known for their wordplay and skills -haven’t been immune from dropping one of the ultimate onstage clangers. While playing a live show last year, Kanye West accidently called out “Seattle” during one of his songs – much to the chagrin of the crowd in Sacramento. Then there’s the Black Eyed Peas, who believed they were in San Jose, when they were actually an hour further north in San Francisco.

Back over in Britain and a 2008 appearance at Radio 1’s annual Big Weekend concert saw R&B crooner Usher shout out “hello Manchester” to a crowd of 30,000 screaming fans in Maidstone, only a mere couple of hundred miles away.

While all of these stars made the same mistake in very different parts of the world, the results were pretty similar – very loud boos from their legions of disappointed fans….

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