Celebrity News – Twilight Stars to Split

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Teenage girls across the globe can rejoice as it is rumoured on celebrity gossip sites that smoking hot super stud Robert Pattinson has split with his fellow Twilight star and girlfriend Kristen Stewart. A source close to the couple said that their hectic work schedules had just became too much to keep up with one another. This is the closest anyone has come to confirming the two were together in the first place as it was never officially official, but was very official unofficially. “Things have been a bit rocky for a while. They both have hectic schedules, Rob in particular at the moment, and their phone calls were getting fewer and farther in between,” the source said of the not-so-happy ex-couple.
Which begs the question, what exactly are the two so busy with? Quite a lot, apparently: Bel Ami, a film based on the French novel of the same name written in 1885 by Guy de Maupassant about the plights and escapades of a French journalist, and the much anticipated Water for Elephants, based on a book by Sara Gruen about the life and love of a circus worker during the Great Depression, are both in post-production. Pattinson’s attention is now focused on the newest of the Twilight films; in the style of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn will be split into two movies.

Breaking Dawn will be the last of the movies for the Twilight series and will feature the return of all three main characters, Edward Cullen (Pattinson), Bella Swan (Stewart), and Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). The married happiness of Cullen and Swan is to be cut short when a series of unfortunate events threatens their lives and the two are forced to stand against the powerful council of vampire leaders.
Apart from the last two Twilight films, Stewart is in the post-production stages of On the Road, adapted from the ever popular Jack Kerouac novel about the beatnik’s journeys across different parts of America. Stewart is also about to start filming the 2012 release of Snow White and the Huntsman, details about which are still very limited across celebrity news sites.
With all of these exciting projects going on it is easy to see why the two just didn’t have time for one another anymore. And while it is probably not the most joyful time in either of their love lives, you can be sure that there are millions of Twilight enthusiasts around the world who are singing from the rooftops about the potential to snag one of the two off of the open market.

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