Celebrity news - Orange Celebrity blog round-up 25 January 2010

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A rare but welcome menfolk focus for today's round-up, although it's fair to say the chaps in question are no strangers to the goss pages. First up is David Beckham, whose otherwise pretty run-of-the-mill appearance on an Italian TV show was notable because the hostess tried to grab his, er, goldenballs.

Why? Only Elena Di Cioccio (for the "handy" presenter was she) knows, but all we can say is that's definitely not award-winning behaviour and we can't imagine any UK chat show hosts trying a similar trick. In fact, groping guests was no doubt far from Ant & Dec's minds during the Britain's Got Talent auditions in Manchester…

Also keeping their hands to themselves (in public, at least) at the Manchester auditions were Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan, who both fended off the advances of amorous auditionees by, um, looking extremely drab. Only Amanda Holden bothered to glitz it up a bit, and even she looked a bit like a box of tissues…

And we can't let the biggest alleged "news" of the CENTURY - or "not really news at all, to be honest, but we're nosy", depending where you're standing - go by without comment. Have Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie really split up? Should Bradley get back with Jennifer Aniston? Was Brangelina's entire relationship really, as one Orange commenter suggests, "a work fling that got out of hand"? And won't somebody think of the children? Is it any of our frickin' business either way? We need a lie down after all this speculation…

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