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Twitter is the biggest buzz on the internet now. What started off as thought and knowledge sharing in 140 characters has now become the birthplace for many celebrity gossip stories. The greatest advantage of sourcing celeb gossip stories from Twitter is that the germs of the stories lie in posts made by the celebrities. Some celebrities are tactful and careful about what they post. Most are not. They put up something which offends someone and then you have the entertainment news sector spilling over with interpretations and analyses. It gets on to such a point sometimes that the celebrity has no other option but to come out with a rebuttal to douse what has been ignited.

Twitter is fast. Celebrities use that advantage. Celebrity gossip sites monitor the Twitter pages of celebrities round the clock, scourging for updates and developments. Some celebs like to post anything and everything on Twitter, which comes off as extremely silly sometimes. Celeb gossip magazines and publications follow the thread posted on rare occasions and ignore the posts on others. Entertainment news reporters generally "follow" the celebs of their interests so that their tweets are visible on their page as well. Twitter has made it possible for the paparazzi to locate a celeb without having to run around the town looking for authentic information.

Twitter is interactive. If you have followed a particular celebrity gossip story with some interest and you know the details painfully well, you can share your information with other "followers" on Twitter. In exchange of your information, you may come across further updates from the tweets made by like-minded enthusiasts. Celeb gossip, like wildfire, needs fodder to feed on and expand. The "tweeple" or the people on Twitter make it possible. They pass on information to others through re-tweets. They contact entertainment sites when they have sufficient information to go out and declare something substantial. The paparazzi keep a sharp eye on the tweet pages of the celebrities to check what the fans are writing about and if there is an interest in a particular story.

Twitter isn't only about those 140-character tweets. It's also about pictures. Twitpic allows you to share you photos with thousands of followers. The paparazzi need not look further to find the latest holidays snaps of the celebrities. If the celebrity likes the private photos to go up on the celebrity gossip publications, he or she can just upload them on Twitpic. In a matter of hours you will find celeb gossip reporters taking out digital copies of those pictures and streaming them to other sources. Entertainment sites used to go through a lot of hassle to get that one exclusive snap or the first look of an upcoming movie. Now they are readily available on Twitpic. Celebrities use Twitter for damage control on certain occasions. If the celebrity gossip has spiraled out of control and hurting the image of the celeb, he or she may post a clarification on Twitter. Celebs tweet to make their voice heard and also to connect with numerous fans out there.

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