Celebrity Appearances

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Celebrity appearances are one of the great ways to attract attention and publicity to an event. The number of events held each year ranging from the openings of restaurants to hotels, launches of perfumes, clothing lines or books all benefit from celebrity appearances. If you are planning an event, it is wise to consider among the venue, food, flowers, music and wine, just who will be talked about in order to get the event in the magazine pages. Celebrity appearances are the best way to make this happen in order to get your event to possibly even adorn the front page.

Another benefit of celebrity appearances when planning an important event is the fact that this raises profile and awareness without spending ever shrinking advertising costs. If a celebrity pitches up at an event or launch, it is guaranteed to be advertised and publicised and reach a much wider audience without costing your company any of its advertising spend. Another appeal of celebrity appearances for your brand is that if you get the right people to turn up at your event, it will instantly provide glamour and excitement whilst also building a brand image because now, all of a sudden, people will associate the celebrity with the brand. However, one danger of celebrity appearances is making sure it is someone who is famous for something other than a scandal or some embarrassing episode. The wrong celebrity turning up could have the negative effect of damaging the brand image.

Overall, celebrity appearances are probably one of the most powerful and instant ways to advertise your brand in a way that attracts people who would otherwise be more difficult and costly to reach. Celebrity appearances use the power of free publicity and they can manage to appeal to the incredibly difficult to reach younger audience. With the rise in reality television popularity, celebrity appearances are probably an even more significant factor in raising brand awareness and creating positive publicity for an event.

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