Celebrations and Carnival Events throughout the World

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There are no fonder memories from your childhood than going to a fair ground, carnival or circus. The smell of the popcorn, hot dogs and other distinctive smells of food floating through the air along with the shouts of the various stall workers who are saying what one can easily win with the toss of a ball. Ask any adult about this experience and they instantly recall the scene. Today there is more than one meaning to the word Carnival.

Fair grounds, especially, are where one will often find a large array of carnival rides, roller coasters and other exhilarating rides. When one adds in the sound of laughter and people enjoying themselves, it gives a festive air to the entire occasion. Riding a Ferris wheel, or other rides, that moves one faster and usually higher than the next provides a thrill that is not available in our standard day-to-day lifestyle.

A traveling carnival or circus is one that is made up of amusement rides, games of chance and skill, food and merchandise vendors, thrilling acts, animal acts and sideshows, depending on its size.. Some people spend their entire life's working, enjoying and participating with such carnivals. This differs largely from the carnivals that are held in large cities around the world as a special event or celebration.

Many times the word Carnival indicates a celebration of joy. This involves parades and other festivities with no 'carnival rides' involved. These are going on throughout the UK on a regular basis at special times of the year and are an exiting chance for people of all walks of life and nationalities to join in for a day or so of fun.

The Glastonbury festival, for example, is one of the largest musical and performing arts festivals in the world. It occurs every year around the month of June, for four days, with over 700 different performances of cabaret, music, dance, comedy, circus, theatre and many other exciting features. Whether it rains or shines this event, held on over 900 acres, attracts over 170,000 visitors each and every year.

Another exciting festival or event is the Notting Hill Carnival which is held in London every year. Colourful floats, DJs, live acts and revelers take part in this celebration. With a Samba musical beat, dancers are found everywhere enjoying the event. In addition, there are miles of street stalls that offer everything imaginable for the hungry crowd and thirsty revelers.

Rio de Janeiro is a country that is famous throughout the world for its wonderful Carnival season, which is deeply related to Brazilian history and culture. Dancing, music and a huge parade, brings a massive participation by people from every part of the community and visitors as well. Elaborate costumes, much Samba dancing and other events make it a spectacular thing to see, as well as in which to be a participant.

In many countries throughout the World, the Carnivals can be enjoyed as a celebration of a religious or special event. In the United States, for example, Saint Patrick's Day, The Fourth of July, Thanks Giving, Halloween and Christmas are the best known parades. New Orleans, Louisiana, is the only city that holds a Mardi Gras Carnival event that is close to those held elsewhere in the world. This lasts for two weeks and is in relation to the Easter Season and attracts many thousands of people from all walks of life coming together to enjoy this exhilarating occasion.

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