Celebrate Earth Day Every Day With a Virtual Office!

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These days, more and more businesses are moving toward the virtual office trend - allowing their people to work offsite, away from the cubicle mazes and noise of a traditional office. Along with a virtual office comes great benefits, including increased productivity, decreased spend on office rentals and increased team member empowerment.

Another fantastic benefit of virtual offices of the benefit to the environment. Every year, Earth Day raises awareness for helping the environment, but virtual offices do so every day. By reducing fuel emissions - one of the greatest factors affecting our environment today - a virtual company greatly impacts our environment.

Even if you have a small company of 12 people, your team is significantly impacting the environment. If each person has to commute 30 minutes to the office, that is 12 hours of fuel burning from their vehicles a day, and 60 hours per week. After one year of this, your employees have spent 3,120 hours in their cars going to and coming from work. And this is only for a very small company - imagine what it would be like if your company employed 500 or 5,000 employees.

And it's not just the fuel emissions that can be impacted by a virtual office. Individual employees can choose to outfit their home offices with energy-efficient light bulbs and power sources. They can also make lunches at home rather than driving down to the deli or near-by fast food restaurant.

The biggest thing to remember is to make sure your virtual office is productive as well as environmentally friendly. Ensure your team can talk to each other, collaborate on files and tasks and produce a quality product even when working miles apart. You need to find the right business collaboration solution to bring your team together, so you and Planet Earth can feel the benefits of your virtual office.

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