Catherine Shows the World How to Look Beautiful Naturally

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Along with several million viewers around the world I have just witnessed the quintessentially British spectacle of the Royal Wedding. I think it fair to say that no country can stage such an event of pomp and ceremony quite like the British. I donít know about you but what struck me most was how so many of the female guests chose clothes of such subdued colours. Catherineís mother for example wore a powder blue outfit of a shade so subtle that it was almost a pearl blue whilst the Queenís outfit was a very subtle shade of primrose.
Whilst Catherine as expected chose a white wedding dress, again she showed the world how to look beautiful naturally by its simplicity. Whilst she is quite clearly a truly beautiful young woman it struck me that she simply didnít need any artificial adornment to look beautiful naturally. Iím sure that she wore some makeup but it was so subtle looking it was almost as if it wasnít there.
The point I am making here is that sometimes, indeed often, less is more. In showing the world how to look beautiful naturally she was able to draw upon her core attributes of good health and natural beauty without resorting to a plethora of artificial adornments in an attempt to look beautiful. She was beautiful. She IS beautiful naturally. For me the simplicity and good taste of her wedding dress gave out the same message as a fine perfume. It simply enhanced the beauty that was already there. There was no need for anything overly brash or ornate. She could have been giving a lesson to the world in how to look beautiful naturally. A fine perfume only needs to be applied sparingly. There is no need to apply it by the bucketful! It is the same with what we wear and the makeup we apply.

So many women seem to think that bold outlandish styled clothes and a surplus of makeup somehow make them look more attractive. Indeed notwithstanding my comments above, some of the women guests wore what can only be described as ridiculous head wear. As well as being unwieldy they certainly didnít look in anyway attractive and almost certainly obscured the view of those around them!
No, if you want to know how to look beautiful naturally go back to first principles. Keep fit through regular exercise and eat a balanced diet. Develop a feeling of inner contentment as best you can and the combined effect of this will enable you to shine. This will show on your face and you will be able to show the world how to look beautiful naturally just as Catherine did.

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