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Photography is a speedily rising creative profession. Photography is an outstanding art that captures real life situations and keeps memories fresh always. However, photography is not just constrained to clicking pictures at ocassions and journeys. Photography has many more avenues. In this article we aim to express on the various types of photography like Architecture Photographer (Architectuurfotograaf), Portrait Photography (Portretfotografie), Corporate Photography (Bedrijfsfotografie), Advertising Photography (Reclamefotografie), Product Photography (Productfotografie) and Conceptual photography (Conceptuele fotografie).

Architecture Photography -

An architecture photographer takes photo of various infrastructures be it old or new for different reasons. Technically photographing building can be extremely demanding. To get the most glamorous look of the building it is important that the photographer understands image distortion and finding the best time to capture the building. Thus architect photographers need to shoot the building in the right light and from the best angle possible. This calls for implication of proper equipment, techniques and patients.

Portrait Photography-

Portrait photography is unique from general people photography. Portrait photography catches and features something of the 'essence' of a individual. It displays something about their dynamics, qualities, or existence. There are three principal things that need to be deemed for portrait photography. Camera settings - as a portrait is all about a person, close up portrait photography adjustments seek out to eliminate all sorts of things unproductive from the backdrop of the shot. Lighting - this can be as complicated as you like. The lighting will make most of the improvement. Communicating with your subject - Portrait photography inevitably says something about the rapport between photographer and subject. You need to guarantee your model is confident for the shoot.

Corporate Photography -

This involves photographing the corporate crowd and ambience. Corporate opt for a photo shoot for promotional uses, to build an impact on the clientele and upload the photo on the company website. However, the use is not always promotional. Many corporate consider a photo shoot for their employees and facilities for internal reports Public Relations, recruiting, and many other uses. For such shoots the photographer needs to displays professionalism in the pictures for the right image building of the company.

Advertising Photography -

Advertising photography is a famous area of photography today. It is equally challenging as it need to work a sales assistant tool. Hence the most creative streaks of the photographer come in play. It is majorly used by print media to spread an awareness of their product. Advertising photography illustrates the product in the best light and angle to capture buyer attention. This kind of photography needs extreme creative skills.

Product Photography -

This involves taking shots of merchandise up for advertising by a company like new cars, watches, toys and food items. Product photography is very stressful as the photographer needs to play around with an item that necessitates perfect projection. The photographer centers on creating an illusion of room with rather simple tools.

Conceptual Photography -

This is a part of conceptual art where the photographer creates a photograph of a concept or notion. This photography calls for computer editing to realize the desired results.

This and many more forms of photography have made it a successful career. One can excel through repetitive rounds of trial and error.


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