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Mysteries, action, nerve boggling thrillers have drawn attraction of people to a great extent. In the by gone era people used to get pleasure by reading all the existing books on mysteries and drama but the scenario has changed in the present time. Now people seek television to get all the thrill of mystery movies and action plays. DISH Network, the leader in Satellite TV, offers its huge network of subscribers the scope to catch glimpse of the greatest mysteries of the world. In fact DISH Network’s exclusive packages have plethora of numerous channels that broadcast quite a number of programs on mysteries and thrillers. Thus a subscriber can get the pulse of exciting mysteries in real world that have been solved by the policemen and also many investigative agencies. Also few non fiction stuffs like mystery movies and plays are been aired for the delight of the audiences. In fact there are few dedicated channels like Discovery, History etc. that show mystery series and fans just love these stuffs to their hearts’ content. In addition there are channels of DISH Network that offer programs on special interest thereby enabling all its viewers to stay glued to the television set.

In present day the face of crime is so much horrific that one can easily see the axiom ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ has become a reality. The case is not rare when crime stories of real life and real life investigative plots have become the plots of so many fictional crime thrillers and drama. Thus it is a nice mix of reel and real worlds. Nerve boggling robberies and brutal murder cases have put all the cops and investigative detectives in jinx. And in DISH Network you can catch the channels that air shows of these kinds. They can get to see all the top class recorded videos of such probing operations. In this way people can get into the nerve and pulse of the crime. They can thus watch a complete coverage of events starting from the initial stage to the final phase where mysteries get unfolded. In addition police interviews and investigators and talk shows on crime and mystery shows are often telecasted. Popularity of these things too has gained in by leaps and bounds.

Crime has some interesting façade which often remain unhidden from a common people mind. A handful of criminal cases that reach the court of law are closed in the middle for lack of evidence and also due to unwillingness from the side of the petitioners to continue with it. Such cases remain as unsolved mysteries. You can get to know about many such cases from some DISH Network channels.

So if you are a mystery lover just checking out the programs at DISH Network is imperative for you.

‘NCIS’, ‘CSI’ and many more are some of the mystery packed shows that will also give you all the chill going down your spines. All these shows demonstrate how investigators make use of latest technologies for solving mysteries and also indentifying the most wanted culprits.

DISH Network has exceptional features and services that are appropriate for all sorts of people. Moreover, DISH Channels are just perfect to satisfy the viewers of all tastes.

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