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Doctor Who episodes are famous among people of all age groups. This science-fiction drama has been running since a long time, but it has managed to sustain the interest of the viewers in the show. the main credit goes to the flexible plotline of the show, which has given an option to change the Doctor and his assistant. Viewers love to see different Doctors, their assistants and their differences.

The show appeals viewers so much, that they even manage to watch Doctor Who online when they don't have anything to do.

It is an adventurous show and not a heavily emotional drama, which makes it dear to children too. Although all episodes are loved by viewers, some are more watched by fans compared to others. Among such episodes, ‘City of Death' was watched by more than 16 million viewers, the highest rating in the history of Doctor Who. Even after watching the show on TV, viewers switched over to web to hold Doctor Who online.

This episode featured the fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker and his assistant Romana. The plot stresses, on a plan by aliens to rob Mona Lisa, in order to finance an experiment in time travel, in the expectation of avoiding the accident that struck him on earth, millions of years ago. This episode gained immense appreciation from fans as it was loaded with fun and entertainment. All Doctor Who episodes put forth something different for fans.

Another episode which is worth mentioning is ‘Partners in Crime'. It was the first episode of the fourth series. This episode of Doctor Who portrayed alien creatures in a different way; they were not big and scary like it usually happens. They were created by a software, which is mainly used for showing crowded sequences. This particular episode was very different from other episodes of the show. It received positive reviews, mainly because of its special effects. Viewers still watch Doctor Who online to enjoy this episode.

There are many other episodes of Doctor Who, which deserve praises, as they were different and lured viewers in hordes, and created above average ratings for the show! These episodes are watched by adults, teenagers and children enjoy them too. Viewers don't find it enough to watch the episodes once so they constantly use the internet, to catch Doctor Who online. However, for quite some time now, the episodes have become a victim of controversies for being sexed up! Many viewers have complained about the show getting inappropriate for children. However, this complaint has been denied repeatedly.

Even after the long run of the show, it has managed everything so well, that viewers crave to get the show. Doctor Who episodes are considered one of the most appealing and amusing among the modern day ones. Therefore, viewers crave to get the episodes in every possible way.

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