Carvestone Is The Alternative Flagstone Houston Homeowners Prefer Because Of The Additional Benefits

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There are many different ways to decorate the exterior concrete surfaces of your home such as your pool deck, driveway or patio. Most of these methods of decorative concrete Houston homeowners choose offer certain benefits but also have drawbacks. This can make it difficult to know which makes the most sense for your home. There is a solution to this dilemma however and it's called Carvestone. Carvestone is a unique concrete overlay that gives homeowners the benefits of other types of concrete coating without the drawbacks. Allied Outdoor Solutions has been installing Carvestone projects in this area for years, totaling over 2000 total jobs and as a result, we've earned a reputation in the community that has more and more homeowners contacting us everyday asking to learn more about Carvestone.

One of the more sought after methods of concrete overlay has been flagstone. By choosing to install Flagstone Houston homeowners make an investment in how their home will look and planning to see the value increase over time. However, the installation of flagstone can be time consuming, inconvenient and expensive. Carvestone is an alternative form of flagstone Houston residents are discovering to have many more long term benefits.

For starters, Carvestone is installed by Allied Outdoor Solutions with no messy tear outs. We will not have to disrupt your life or require you to rearrange how you go about your day to day life when we're at your home installing Carvestone, which is typically the case with a home improvement project. Our hand installation of the Carvestone concrete overlay makes it a non-disruptive process and helps to ensure we're able to fulfill the design that is specific to your home. Our hand texturing comes in extremely handy for pool deck resurfacing because we're able create a surface that is less slippery when when, and thus much safer to people around the pool.

Homeowners that are interested in flagstone for their home generally are interested in creating an old European decor. This is why Carvestone has been seen as an alternative for flagstone Houston homeowners can choose, because it does have the look of real stone. It's not uncommon for someone to assume you've installed expensive imported rocks in these exterior areas when you have Carvestone. What they won't assume is that you paid an extremely affordable price. Carvestone's benefits far outweigh the alternatives and will please those that are interested in flagstone because of the similarities.
We treat your home project with the utmost care and attention, as we would treat our own home projects. Allied Outdoor Solutions is committed to giving you the best possible results. Each job is carved, colored and grouted by hand. No tape, stencils or stones!

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