Carpool To Work Once a Week

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I hear people complaining that the reason they cannot carpool to work is because it's not convenient to them. I do understand that it may not be convenient as some days you have to pick up your kid, sometime you have to leave office early to accomodate some activity, though my request to you is that see if you can start carpooling atleast for once a week. I think that if we try harder we can match our calendar at least once a week with a carpool partner.
You know it is high time that we atleast start thinking on these lines keeping our kids future in mind. We are really at the brink of a mass extinction if we don't start contemplating where our old habits are taking us.
And if you are one of those people who is not much bothered about environment right now, then think of the other benefits you can get from carpooling once a week. You can save some money on the gas to some extent, can save on the wear and tear of your car. You can save on dumping miles in your car. It will help you save on parking money also if you happen to work in a crowded downtown like San Francisco or Manhattan.

It also has other intangible benefits e.g. One of the biggest intagible benefits of carpooling is saving time by using carpool lanes. If you are carpooling, you can use carpooling lane to drive to work and that way you save so much of time both ways. Spending that extra half an hour (that I saved in commuting because of carpooling)with my kids everyday has so much special meaning to me that cannot be explained in words. Secondly, you will be honing your socializing skills as you can talk to the person you are sharing your ride with. Thirdly, you can read that book(on the days when it's your partner's turn to drive the car) that you always wanted to read but never had the time because you were juggling between too many things office, kids activities, driving etc. etc.
Finally at the end of a year if you calculated how much you helped the environment by not pumping that extra carbon because of your simple decision of carpooling only once a week that will give such a big boost to your self-image and it will inspire you to do more in future. I know now some of you must be thinking how much the environment will be helped only by my efforts, but let me tell you that never underestimate your efforts. When you make a decision to do something good that decision itself has lot of power first it is good for you and then even if you don't talk to anyone about making the same decision, but trust me people around you are watching your actions and just by seeing your commitment to something bigger they commit and then that becomes a chain reaction that is unstoppable.

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