Carnival sweets: a good reason to start cooking!

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Among the Italian delicacies and sweets to secure a seat be reserved for exceptional sweets in general and especially those that mark the passage of time and holidays.
How can we not mention the traditional Italian sweets or cake, pandoro, Cassata Sicilian pastiera Neapolitan, chocolate, cookies and cakes? An integral part of Italian culture in general and more specifically local as practically every Italian city has its typical sweet, its excellence, what is at all levels. The typical product that all visitors enjoy and want to bring back home. Precisely for this reason is not hard to find in stores and pastry shops that produce a totally traditional, but these cakes on a large scale, sometimes in small to enable an agile transportation and less space.

An example are the pancakes of Venice, traditional sweets that owe their success to the world's great crowd accompanying the Carnival which takes place within the city. Known as sweet as they are difficult to reproduce precisely why there are many who prefer to buy them in bakeries or pastry shops, thanks to the machines for pastry, can produce large quantities with relatively little effort.

But in addition to pancakes are many other traditional Italian desserts that can be played in our house, obviously not wanting to overdo things step by step starting with the simplest recipes, but then move on to more complex ones like Cassata alla siciliana and cannoli. Surely the most important part is that the ingredients, it is crucial that they come from areas where the typical product is sweet, sweet pain of perfection. Precisely because local products because they keep their flavor intact and give the food a taste that can deliver directly to the place. Second, if you plan to undertake the testing of sweet to your feet of kitchen accessories suitable as a small home mixer, utensils and traditional cooking tools for decorating.

Staying in the theme of the carnival we begin our confectionery manufacturing from the simplest recipe that is typical but also that of ravioli stuffed with chocolate or jam.Typical of mountainous areas with these sweets were distributed throughout the year thanks to its Italian flavor suitable for all ages and their ease of preparation. The ingredients are traditional or eggs, flour, sugar, milk and butter ... a lot of oil for frying.It is because almost all traditional sweets for the Carnival are very calorie seen that were consumed during the period before Lent and therefore time of fasting and privation.

Surely if we expect to make these cakes for a festival or event we guarantee a minimum quantity for all participants and then we muniamo or a small planetary kneading the dough with which to proceed as we follow the cooking or assemble a team of friends to go an afternoon in the company as we prepare these delicacies unique to the palate that we can give once a year!

There are many recipes for the period of carnival, but there are many recipes for Italian desserts that can be found for all year ... you just have to choose one that seems to do more for us and ... experience!

This article was written by Martina Celegato, with support from pizza mixes .
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