Careful Thought On The Size Of TV Before Bringing Home

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Careful Thought On The Size Of TV Before Bringing Home

Its an adventure like experience when we go the the showroom to buy a LED TV. These days we can see bigger sizes of the LED TV and of
course bigger ones motivated us to get one. At the showroom, a 32 inch will always look too small in comparison with 75 inch TV but
the size matters if we have to fit a 75 inch TV in a room. Your room wall may not have the same size of the wall that the showroom
has. But before buying, have you considered which size will suit you? Its not just that the bigger is always better.
Its not the only the room size that matters here, the distance from where you are going to watch the TV is also considered. A bigger
TV will give us a feel of a theatre but do we really like to watch a movie from the first seat in theatre? The same rule applies in
this situation.

Let us understand how to choose the right size of the TV that will give you perfect experience. One has to give a careful thought on

the size before bringing one home.

Wall Mount or Stand:

First you have to decide whether you want to wall mount the TV or to put it in stand. IF Planning for a stand then you need to check
how how much space you have for the stand and the TV. For wall mount you need to check the weight the base can hold. Depending upon
the factors you can choose the size of the TV

Where you are planning to place your TV:

The second important question to answer is where you want to place the TV. If you want it in the bedroom then is the room big enough
for the bigger size? Usually the bedrooms are not too big for big screens. If you are planning for a living room then choose the wall
and then calculate the size because in living room every corner is not suitable for viewing. There are chance that some may have their

back when seated.
If you are planning for a TV for a shop, or a small office cabin then you cannot go for a bigger TV, but for a big conference room, theatre room in a house ( if you have one) then you can choose the TV size accordingly.

Viewing distance:

This is the most crucial point to consider. Remember, in young days we were always scolded to watch the TV from a distance to

safeguard our eyes. Today as the technology has advanced the picture quality has improved. But to enjoy the best image quality, it is
important to have a perfect distance to between eyes and the TV. Watching a big TV from very close will not let you enjoy the image in
one view. You have to move your neck for the same. Even from close view the images will look like the pixels has been spread. Similarly, a small TV may not give better details when watched from a wider distance.

Check your budget:

You may now be calculating the points and may be coming to a conclusion that the biggest available in the market suits you the best but Yes, simply donít get trapped in the fancy of bigger, better or anything else. There are numerous options in market, if you can get the bigger in your budget itís good else choose the best option in your pocket. Of course you may not want to feel the pinch of
the TV

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