Care For Your Skin So It Will Care For You

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We are covered with skin for a reason. Our skin protects our inner self from the elements, pollution and traumas. Many illnesses and allergies are discovered by rashes that appear on the skin, letting us know that something is wrong on the inside. Skin is a wonderful caretaker, so we would be wise to take care of it too!

Not taking care of your health will show on your skin. Things like alcohol, smoking and poor diet will show on your skin. Proper diet and good eating habits will do wonders for keeping your skin looking its best.

Water is the wonder drink. Keeping yourself well hydrated is also beneficial for your skin. The golden rule is 6 to 8 glasses per day. If you're not a big fan of water, eat foods with high water content. Tomatoes, fruits, vegetables and even some lean meats are a great way to boost your hydration. Remember, by the time you start to feel thirsty, you've already begun to dehydrate. So keep the water flowing and your skin will thank you for it.

Depriving yourself of sleep is always evident with the dark circles under your eyes. Your skin protests loud and clear when you haven't had enough shut-eye. Fine lines and wrinkles are also more prevalent around the eyes and mouth, and it gets worse as your tired day continues. So make sure you get your forty winks. 8 to 9 hours is the optimal amount of sleep your body needs to keep you both feeling and looking your best.

Boost your brain, your heart and your skin with essential oils from omega 3 fatty acids. Commonly found in fish oils, omega 3 has proven to be a major component to a healthy lifestyle. It also helps your skin maintain its natural oils which will help prevent it from drying out.

Skin is of-course, sensitive to the elements. Be sure to use plenty of sunscreen to protect from UV rays when you are out in the sun. Equally important, cover your skin in cold and snowy weather to protect it from wind burn and frost bite.

A little tender loving care for your skin will keep it healthy and strong, so skin can do its job of taking care of you.

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