Care For Your Hair While You Sleep

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Some women wake up in the morning and find a pile of loose strands of hair on their pillow and bedcovers. This is a rather common occurrence that stems from hair breaking while you are sleeping.

You naturally move in your sleep, and more often than not, hair is caught on cotton pillow cases and will break. A couple of strands of hair is nothing to worry about, but a handful or more could be cause for alarm. Since many women find they are awakened by their hair falling across their face during the night, they tie their hair back at bedtime to get a restful sleep.

Elastics, ponytails, headbands or clips left in overnight are the biggest culprit to the discovery of morning hair loss. Curlers or bobby pins are also guilty. The pressure on these tools when you are sleeping restricts free movement in your hair, so every time you move your head, strands of hair get tugged and subsequently break. Ponytails are especially damaging, since even in the daytime, they can cause hair breakage.

If your hair bothers you in your sleep, there are better solutions to keep your hair away from your face and neck. A silk scarf is the ideal choice to cover your hair. It's a naturally slippery fabric, allowing your hair to glide when you move. Cotton or linen doesn't have the same natural slip, so hair gets stuck to it and won't slide, resulting in breakage. Silk, on the other hand, is perfect for enabling free movement.

Satin works in the same manner. You can also switch your pillow cases to silk or satin if you prefer not to sleep with a scarf. The results will be the same as with a scarf, and when you wake up in the morning, you will have far fewer broken strands of hair covering your pillow.

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