Card Making and the Environment

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Our environment is facing one of the biggest threats to date. The problem on global warming is growing in large proportions that none of our modern-day weather devices could even measure or foresee. Natural calamities come when we least expect it and each of these natural disaster was able to take away properties and worse lives in our midst. These natural calamities are believed to be caused by our small and big nuances that we give to the environment. This is the price that we have to pay for being very irresponsible in taking care of Mother Nature.

But donít you fret. The situation may be all ugly and depressing already, but this is no hopeless case. We could still do something about it. Did you know that the best thing to do for our environment is to go back to the basic? Sure, technology has been playing an integral role in our lives these days. But doing away with some of them or avoiding to be totally dependent on them, could really go a long way for our environment.

How? You may ask. Making card in lieu of gifts happen not only because we donít have enough money to buy a good gift, it could also happen because you care for the environment. When you are at a loss of what gift to give, personalized greeting cards are your best bet since we are quite sure that the recipient of the card would appreciate your effort and that he or she will keep this forever.

What does this has to do with the environment? Well, apparently, in giving a card that would really touch or move the recipient would require some elements. These magical elements are not available in stores. It is not advisable that you buy some supplies for your card making project. It is still best if you would look through your closet and room to find something significant to include in your card making project.

In addition to that, buying new materials is just illogical and insane. If you have the money to buy those materials then you should have bought a gift instead. Recycling old materials is the very reason why card making is considered as helpful to the environment. Card making would test your resourcefulness and creativity all at the same time.

Cleaning our room is part of a card making project. This is done so to find prospective and probable materials that we could actually use for our card making project. Finding old coloring materials and art materials is very priceless. Finding buttons, beads and other stuff that we never thought existed not until we start cleaning our drawers and closet is such a joy. What more if we could find some hidden treasures like a long lost memorabilia or souvenir that we could immortalize by putting it in a greeting card?

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