Car Tax

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Car Tax:

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The term tax is a word, which is originated from the Latin word "taxo" which means "I estimate". The ultimate aim of taxation is to make the user to pay for their usage of their product in the Government. The tax rate percentage differs from states to states and country to country; it depends on the population and various resources available in that Government.

List of car taxes to be paid in India:
In the case of car tax, there are various taxes we have to pay and there are Sales tax, Road tax, Entry tax, Registration charges, Congestion tax, Green tax, company car tax etc., it depends on the decision of the particular government which quotes for the car tax. We can also apply or pay our car tax through online. i.e., car tax payable at online.

Sales related car tax is the tax which has to be paid by the company who sell their car, which will be burden on the car buyer by the seller. Road tax is the car tax which has to be paid to the government in R.T.O office, for using the road for transportation purposes. Entry tax is the car tax which is similar to road tax but in this type of car tax; there are two conditions, one is we have to pay car tax while entering another state territories and another is while entering the private highway within our state.

Registration related car tax varies based on weight it carries, purpose of usage, imported, and used car for re-registration. There are three types of registration with R.T.O and there are Temporary Registration, Registration of New Vehicle and Registration of vehicle arrived from out state or assignment of new registration mark (R.M.A).

Congestion tax are the car tax which are forced on car owners in order to reduce the car congestion in their states, it varies from states to states. Green tax is the car tax which we have to pay by old vehicle owners. Rate of green tax varies from states to states and country to country.

Green Tax is a car tax which is burden on old car user; this car tax will be applicable only for the car owners who are all having a car which are worked more than 8 to 15 years. Mostly this kind of car tax will have to be paid by used carís owners who holding second or third handed used cars with them. Main aim of this car tax, which is implied by the government to, reduces the used cars which aged more than 15 years of usage.

Imported Car Tax is a car tax which has to be paid by the car owner who owns the imported car; all the car taxes for this category will higher when compared with the car taxes paid by car owners who are having Indian cars and Indian used cars.

Road Tax is a car tax which have to paid while traveling by car from one state to another state within same country. At first we have get N.O.C certificate from particular state to which we have to travel through, then complete the formalities of registration of car in that particular state.

These were the basic car taxes which have to be paid in India. Rules and Regulation may differ from states to states within India.

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