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There is a variety of car games on offer. In a bid to keep up with the action and war games, companies within the gaming industry are constantly coming out with new and improved gaming techniques to entice purchasers. Given below is a catalog of different types of car games that are greatly enjoyed by gaming enthusiasts.

Car racing games- An old school game, it remains the most popular car racing game for all age groups. Car racing pc games are a big hit with those just entering the gaming arena since they are quite easy to follow. Furthermore, you don’t require great skills to operate some of these car racing games. As a result, racing games are an appropriate choice for kids that fall in the age group of 5 to 7 years old. At the same time, the racing game domain has developed considerably to suit sophisticated tastes. These days, free games come with numerous, interesting features. These functions enable the user to customize the race track, car, region and most excitingly, the degree of difficulty. You can also enjoy refined games that offer a more realistic approach to playing with simulative controls like a steering wheel, accelerator, clutch and brake pedals.

Car parking games- As indicated in the name, car parking calls for the player to fit his car into a particular space. It may not seem very exciting but you will have a great time with these games. Finding a perfect parking spot can be a tricky job and the same is the case in the virtual world. These games require more dexterity than one might imagine. To master this game, you need to get a hang of the complex controls which isn’t always the case with a car racing or chasing game.

Car chasing games- Just like car racing games, there are a number of car chasing games to choose from. They range from straightforward chases that most users can master to intricate game-play that calls for a skilled practitioner. A common theme in car chasing games is cops or robbers. These games are aimed at kids that fall in the age bracket of 7 to 15 years old. While the player can choose his own avatar when playing these games, there is a limited selection on offer with this genre.

Car theft games- Of the various categories, car theft games are the most absorbing and thus, they are highly sought- after by game freaks. These games include a number of levels and come with complicated plot points and numerous characters.

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