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Baby photographers are those who specialize in taking pictures of baby. The difference in typical photographer and amateur is that the professional is typical paid for the service
To become a baby photographer you may find it helpful to take photography classes to better learn how to utilize different lenses, lighting styles, and methods of photography. With modern computer technology and digital imaging software involved in photography, you may also consider a class in the use of such programs. You might also find it helpful to work as an apprentice to an established professional photographer to gain better insight into the industry and to start building some experience. The real necessity to become a baby photographer is a camera and the desire to take pictures of babies.
Many professional photographers suggest you to take pictures of things that you are interested in or love. If you are a person who does not like babies, then it may be difficult for you to capture the qualities of a baby that his or her parents love so much. Experience in child care or working with babies may give you opportunities in dealing with babies and teach you some tricks for working with a baby as a photographic subject.

While ready for clicking some pictures of baby along with their family, one should need to following things like:-
Pick a daytime when the baby is at his best. He is peaceful and sleepy at that time. So the photographer has to schedule the photo shoot during the babys naptime. If happy, cheery and awake shots are wanted, pick a time of day when the baby will be happily awake and this is normally after a long nap and after the baby has been fed.
Always feed the baby before the photo shoot because a hungry baby will get distracted more easily and can start to moan to be fed.
Choose outfits in which the family feels comfortable in. Parents should spend some time on their appearance before arriving at the studio that includes going for a manicure or getting a nice new haircut. Styling can make a better photograph.
Make the baby feel comfortable and calm and quiet.
Avoid disciplining the child while taking photographs.
Remember to have fun with baby and his family.

Reward and pamper the child for being such a good model.

Make a game out of the session and bring along toys or special items that the toddler feels safe with. A photographer can also use props in the photographs. The most important thing a parent should look at while choosing a photographer is the previous work of the photographer. Ask to see a portfolio and get contact numbers of people who had previously used the photographer and contact them and find out how they had experienced the shoot.

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