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Until very recently, the billions of dollars of profit that have been generated from cell phones and monthly calling plans have lined the pockets and bank accounts of the mega companies at the forefront of the telecommunications industry. All of that is changing.

On July 1st, Buzzirk Mobile along with Zero1 Mobile announced the introduction of an advanced broadband platform that uses the data portion of the bandwidth thus providing faster service at a lower cost. And, unlike the mega telecommunication companies, Buzzirk is passing those savings on to its users with an unlimited plan for a monthly fee of $79.95 per month with no additional taxes or fees of any kind.

And, they truly mean unlimited - unlimited calls (any time of day to anyone), unlimited text messages, unlimited emails, unlimited internet access and unlimited movie downloads - plus a menu of 35 features that automatically come with the plan. And if international calling is needed, an additional $10 per month can take the unlimited plan international to over 40 countries worldwide.

As an extra special plus, the profits that are generated by this amazing plan can come right back at the people who use the service. Buzzirk Mobile and Zero1 Mobile partnered with Global Verge to create a compensation plan whereby e-associates are given permission to buy Buzzirk's products at wholesale prices and resell them at retail - putting the difference into the e-associate's own pockets.

Look around - almost everyone has a cell phone which means they are paying a monthly cell phone bill, and probably an additional bill for internet access and another one for movie downloads. Show these consumers how they can have all that and more as well as save money in the process, then direct them to a website, and the profit ends up with people who have joined as e-associates.

Built on a 3x9 forced matrix, the compensation plan has up to nine levels whereby e-associates can earn income on the calling plans and cell phone sales along with bringing in other e-associates who want a piece of the pie. It's practically a no-brainer because even during this down economy, people are using their cell phones and paying the monthly fees that go with them.

If they can get better service at a lower cost, who wouldn't be interested? And throw in the opportunity to build a business that can bring in an additional cash flow each month, and most consumers will see the many benefits of stepping away from the mega telecommunications companies to not only capture savings on their own cell bills, but profits from the industry in general.
The billions of dollars of profit that have been generated from cell phones and monthly calling plansa.To know more information visit our site

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