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Canvas prints or photo canvas are an innovative and aesthetic way of preserving and showcasing favorite pictures. A canvas print is actually an image which is printed onto a canvas from a photograph. That is why it is also known as a photo canvas. The canvas is then stretched gently across a frame. The photo canvas can then be displayed. This helps to preserve the original photo without exposing it to dust, wrinkles and other damage. Canvases need not necessarily rectangular in shape. Canvases that are of varied shaped like circles etc are sometimes referred to as New York canvases. This is because, around the 60's, paintings on differently shaped and textured canvases became very popular in New York.

For a good quality photo canvas it is important that the original picture be printed on good quality photo printing paper. Multi purpose papers are available that can be used for printing both black and white documents as well as photos but photos that are printed on these papers will be inferior in colour and brightness to those printed on exclusive photo printing papers. There are different parameters to judge the quality of photo printing paper. A photo printing paper that is of high quality will be opaque so that colour does not easily run onto the other side. A large amount of light will be reflected of its surface when compared to ordinary printing papers. It will have a thickness of 7 to 10 mil so that it does not get easily creased or wrinkled and is more long lasting.

Digital canvas prints are also becoming very popular nowadays because of the wider use of digital cameras the world over and the convenience of using computers. A digital canvas print is also like a photo canvas except that a print need not be taken out on paper. The image can be directly printed from the computer onto the canvas and then gently stretched and framed. One big advantage of digital canvas prints is that changes can be made to the original digital image using special software. Thus the beauty of the picture can be heightened before it is printed on canvas giving the best possible effects. It is also cost effective as there is no requirement of photo printing paper. This feature also makes it more environment friendly.

Canvas prints, whether photo canvas or digital canvas prints can be effectively used to decorate a room bringing it to life with vibrant colors and happy memories. Apart from being used as decorative items these canvases make ideal personalized gifts for every occasion be it birthdays or anniversaries or even as a good bye gift. So go ahead , dabble in some canvas printing, and watch those precious memories come back to life as you glance at them each time you look up at your wall and don't forget to take a photo of that wide smile your long time childhood friend gives you when you gift her a canvas print of those golden moments of innocent childhood.

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