Canvas prints - helping your special moments stay ‘special’

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You often hear this whenever you are up to something to remember and cherish - "Say cheese!" Yes. Capturing images and adding them to one's memorabilia has been a universal fashion across cultures, and traditions; even when the technology of clicking pictures was not invented. Earlier, those images were captured by deft artists on to a canvas using oil paints and nowadays you achieve identical effect through canvas prints.

What is a canvas print?

Canvas prints or stretched canvas prints are a brilliant way of treasuring the moments and keeping them intact forever. They involve printing of your favorite photographs onto a canvas material, just like otherwise they are generally printed on a glossy sheet of paper. Canvas prints go one step ahead of paper prints and make a grand statement by converting your personal photographs into authentic artworks.
A stretched canvas print is when an ordered canvas print is stretched along the sides of the stretcher bars of your choice before delivery. You can choose from the available border wrap options like gallery wrap or museum wrap. If you really looking to make a style statement then stretched canvas prints are just what you want.

How to ensure optimum quality in stretched canvas prints?
Whether it's a wedding, a birthday, convocation or any type of celebration - it is incomplete without clicking snaps. There is a charm about watching the old pictures and laughing over the beautiful moments you've had with your loved ones. However, surely, no one wants to look back to a bad picture quality. So just clicking the pictures is not enough; getting them printed properly is the actual art, which gives a soul to a photograph.

All you have to make sure is that the picture is clicked properly minus any camera shakes or inherent blurs. Furthermore, the image file must have good enough resolution so that it doesn't get fuzzy when blown up to the full canvas size you just ordered. It is always better to send a high quality picture for print. The better the quality, the better the print; and of course, the better the wall all set to wear that canvas print!

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