Canvas printing and technology

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In thy last few years inkjet technology has come a long way which is great for those interested in canvas printing. This means that companies that specialise in canvas printing can offer your pictures and artwork printed on canvas at low cost effective prices. This also means when printing your pictures on to canvas your image can be reproduced with great quality with your picture looking great. With the improvements most images can be enlarged to a1 and in some cases allot bigger without distorting the original image.
For canvas printing the ideal inks are as follows pigment, uv and solvent, solvent being the best for canvases that would b displayed outdoors, all of these are light fast 75 years meaning that they can be displayed in direct sunlight without fear of it fading. Most dye based inks are not suitable for canvas printing these will fade with uv light even indoors if a window is present, some may claim they are lightfast but this is only true when placed behind uv protected glass.

Some photos are not ideal for canvas printing as they may have image mater edge to edge so u may lose some of the image when you come to wrap the canvas round the frames. There are a variety of methods to solve this problem this is where photo shop can be very useful. If the image is lost when wrapping round the frame one option is to have your image on the face which you will have your image on the front of the frame and not going round the sides most chose to have plain white sides when using this method but if you would so like you can have the sides in whatever colour you like. Another way around this problem is to use an effect called mirroring where you duplicate the image round the sides so it blends in but you don’t lose any of the original images.

Another great tool you can use in photo shop is red eye, when you have taken a photo of friends or family often you get a bad effect called red eye where the eyes appear to be red most people would think these photos are not any good for turning into canvas prints which is wrong as even with the basic photo shop this can be easily corrected restoring eyes back to their original colour.

Canvas printing can be an easy process but only if you have the right tools and the right experience. if you don’t have these then I would recommend that you seek either expert advice or to hire a
professional printer to print and frame your work for you. This way you know that the job will be done correct with the right materials and the right approach and view you would expect a canvas print to be. Then all there is left for you to do is decide where to hang your beautifully made canvas print

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