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Canvas printing is a very popular medium now canvas printing can be used for transferring your family photos or photos and images of whatever you like on to canvas they are a great way to decorate your home or make a special and personal present for a friend or loved one its a great way to capture memories. You can print from digital images or even photos can be scanned in using special scanners you can even print from old damaged photos with the right software old photos can be repaired and restored to enhance the original photos ready to be printed on to canvas. If made well these canvases will like your memories will last a life time. Photos can fade and lose their look but with a uv, fade and scratch resistant coating canvas prints should not need any more cleaning or care than anything else in your home but to prevent damage dust lightly with a dry cloth or brush lightly with a soft brush if it has been coated in the special light fast and water resistant spray you could even use a slightly damp cloth. If you have to move or store your canvas prints ensure they are wrapped well in bubble wrap preferably, try to keep the print upright so nothing heavy can be put on top of it this will often warp and dent your canvas print, if the print dose start to sag you should have corner wedges by taping these in towards the corners this should return the print to its original tightness.

One thing to remember when having your photos and images transferred on to canvas using canvas printing is that you must no your picture must have a high enough resolution to be enlarged if it does not have enough pixels it will not be able to be enlarged very much at all before it will start to blur distort and lose clarity so ensure you have a high res photo before you go ahead with the print.

You can buy very beautiful canvas prints from many shops on your high street of prints of everything from animals landscapes and iconic art work to fruit and everything in between or u can get you photos printed on to canvas from many online companies and certain shops whichever you chose canvas prints are a great way to decorate your home or work place.

Printing photos on to canvas can be great for professional photographers canvas prints are great for shows of your work and often when a photographer sells photo prints of their work they could be charging a lot more if they were printed on to canvas and photographers who shoot for peoples personal photos canvases are a great thing to offer an include in packages you may offer as they are easy and quick to produce and can be sold at a great profit.

There are many companies out there that offer canvas printing services just be careful they are made well and to all the specifications in the first paragraph or they may not last they may look good when they arrive but if the canvas print is not made well or with the right material they will in no time start to fade sag and become something you would not want to display or decorate your home with.

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