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Have you ever thought about having your artwork printing onto canvas, itís a wonderful thing because you not only get to have a reproduced version of your art but you can also have the same picture printed over and over again, itís good especially if you want to sell your canvas artwork to other people or even if you just want to give some of your family members a piece of you wonderful work but when having them printed it save you allot of time rather than to paint one from fresh.
I myself have had allot of my own artwork printed to canvas as I like to sell my art. I do pretty well on the selling side of things but itís not always about making money as itís that feeling of making someone else happy and knowing that it was your artwork and your very own inspiration that done the trick.

If youíre going to be getting your artwork printed on to some canvas prints itís always better to either go with a referral from a friend and family or with a well known company as they all tend to have the correct equipment that is needed for such a delicate canvas printing job.

Now to the canvas print its self. Most printers out there can wow you with their printing abilities as you can simply give them your artwork or a hard copy or even if you just emailed a picture of your painting or photograph then that is also usable, then the results can be so good and can be very for filling when it comes down to getting the right colours and the right texture of your canvas print.
Now I know obviously you donít just want your painting to look fabulous for the print, you need the whole finish to be perfect to. For example most companies use stretcher bar frame these days which give a lifelong lasting stretch to your canvas print. I found this out as I tried making some canvas prints along time for my canvas artwork by just using a wooden frame but only after a couple of months it began to become very loose which isnít very good so yes I would recommend to always make sure the canvas prints you buy are stretched over stretcher bar frames then that would be the perfect product for your reproduced canvas artwork.

Even if youíre buying a photo on canvas or if youíre buying some one elseís art then i really do recommend to have stretcher bar frames for the mounting of the canvas.

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