Canvas Art – How to print photos to Canvas?

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Canvas art is nothing but the art of working with a canvas cloth. A canvas is a strong coarse piece of cloth used especially for painting and other art works. Canvas photo printing is a new technology in photography in which an image - a digital one or a photo is transferred onto a canvas by printing on them using latest and much specialised inkjet printers.

Photographs stand the testimonies of the wonderful moments one has lived in one's life with their loved and dear ones. It would represent the wonderful occasions of our life like the day we graduated, wedding, the entry of first child, its first toddling walk, speech, memorable trips holidayed, etc; These moments will never come back in one's life and hence treasured for the rest of our life. So, how can we let such a facet of our life to fade away or be stacked as one among the other papers? That's really unbearable. This is the reason why people consider transforming their photographs to canvas.

Digital photographs are the latest in the field of photography. They have high definition of the pictures captured and ensured long lasting life for the photo. Digital photographs too were professional in their quality. But all these features were made even more professional and interesting with the advent of combining canvas art with photo printing.

Photos onto canvas were made with high quality printer inks and it improved the look and feel of the photographs printed. These photos onto canvas were more professional in their appearance and appealing too. Photos onto Canvas have a long life when compared to other ones. They can last for a century. They can stand against the weather changes too. A shielding agent coated on these photos enable then to withstand sunlight, heat and moisture and even resistant to water. Modern photos onto canvas can even be safe from the UV rays of sun. Thus, it makes it very common and most appealing in wall hangings and especially that of a banners or hoardings posted in the public.

To print them

The canvas which is used in printing photos is made of pure cotton A photo that needs to be printed on a canvas is first converted into a digital image by scanning the photo, if it is in non-digital form. Before saving this image and submitting it for printing, work on the image for its resolution and image quality. Preview the final print several times and ensure that the photo is properly aligned and other printing requirements are met. Customization of the image is possible at this stage and should be best used for flawless print of the photo to canvas. The photo chosen for canvas printing should be chosen carefully as the quality of it will be reflected in the photo on canvas.

About Us :- As the process seems to be complicated it is mostly done by professionals. It is invaluable to have converted our photograph to canvas and can be cherished for the rest of our life.

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