Can You Really Eat Ice Cream and Still Lose Weight?

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The normal response when a person reads the name, Ice Cream Diet, can be from doubt to disbelief just by going on the name. Let's see, you want to drop some weight, but you eat ice cream - not just eat it, but eat it everyday. Does seem contradictory. But that's the deal with the Ice Cream Diet; you'll get to your target weight while eating ice cream each and every day. In this review, we will look at this claim and decide if there's any truth to it.

You'll quickly find out that the Ice Cream Diet recognizes the need for exercise on a frequent schedule. So for those who want to do nothing and eat junk all day, we know that's not terribly appealing. By the way, if you read a diet book, and it says there's no real need to engage in regular exercising, we heartily suggest you just put it down and forget about it. You are supposed to eat a small portion of ice cream every day, but it's a reward for eating low calorie foods and following a smart exercise plan. Follow their guidelines, and you can lose weight while eating ice cream.

Daily intake of calcium is important for optimum weight, plus it contributes to overall good health - just a little note about ice cream. The extra calcium will be an aid to weight loss because it's easier to lose when you have enough calcium in your system.

There are a lot of people who don't like dairy products, and if they start limiting their caloric intake, then they're setting themselves up for calcium deficiency as well as other important nutrients. Many people take a calcium supplement, but that may not be the best approach according to the book for this diet. So what you can accomplish with this diet is meaningful weight loss while ensuring your body receives enough calcium each day.

There is always a danger of becoming terribly bored with what you're eating if you stay on the Ice Cream Diet for too long. Even though you eat ice cream each day, which may get boring, you're on a strict number of calories per day. If you have the discipline to do it and lose weight, then you very well may find yourself tired of the low variety of foods. This can, of course, be a challenge when you are on any diet, but some people prefer more open type of diet plans where they have a wider variety of choices. So think about those things because eventually they may come into play if you follow the Ice Cream Diet.

The Ice Cream Diet is very appealing to many people, as it makes losing weight sound fun and easy. Eating ice cream everyday should make this diet eaiser and help you to adhere to the strict rules. You can consider the pluses and minuses of this diet that we've discussed here and make up your own mind if you want to try the Ice Cream Diet.

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