Can You Do Something Unique With Your Voice? Get Paid For Voice Over Gigs!

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Voices over artists aren't simply those actors who have great-sounding voices; many of them also have unique abilities. What does this mean for you? Namely, if you can pull off some amazing talent (such as being able to convincingly cluck like a chicken or bark like a dog) you could get paid for voice over gigs!

It's no joke. There are thousands of voices over artists all over the world who make their livings vocalizing for cash. And they aren't necessarily saying words, either. Some voice over artists gets paid to sing; others get paid to sound like chimps; many get paid to make odd sounds that can't be easily defined!

The secret is to recognize and hone your particular ability, not to mention get yourself noticed. But first things first - you have to name your voice over talent. Maybe you can warble like birds… if that's the case, and then you could position yourself as a voice over artist who can recreate the sounds of nature. (That sounds like a better description than "guy who whistles like a canary".)

Or perhaps you can imitate those crazy sounds that are made by a computer. If that's the case, you could easily portray yourself as a voice over artist with a techno-touch. (Again, this is a much better sales pitch for your voice over prowess than saying you "beep" like the backspace on a laptop!)

It's all a matter of being creative and acknowledging that you have a talent - albeit an usual one - that could be useful to clients who hire voice over artists.

Next, you have to get better at your craft before you can fully begin to market yourself to voice over agents and agencies. This will likely involve hours and hours of comprehensive practice - be prepared to really challenge yourself. Think of it this way… a dancer may have an innate ability to move to rhythms, but if he or she doesn't practice over and over and over again, he or she will never become anything other than mediocre.

You may even want to hire a vocal coach who specializes in unique voice over talent (and that's a true niche market!) to assist you in becoming the best you can be. Whatever you do, don't simply assume that you're "the greatest"; always strive to be better.

Once you've rehearsed and sharpened your voice over skills, it's time to get a voice over agent interested in you. Not surprisingly, there's a plethora of voice over agencies out there, especially in the LA and New York areas. Some are reliable, others are questionable. You'll need to do your homework in order to avoid the not-so-good ones. Ask for references and follow up on any you receive. Also, check the Better Business Bureau to eliminate any worries that a voice over agency may not be what it seems (that's always a smart practice no matter what industry you're in.)

When you find a voice over agent who is willing to represent you, don't stop practicing or taking care of yourself! Even if you only do a few voice over gigs a year, you'll need to stay in tiptop shape. Keep those chords strong and good luck!

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