Can a Free ADD/ ADHD Program help your child?

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Have you just learned your child has ADD/ADHD? Even if youíve known for a while that things are a bit different in your home, you can reach points where you feel at your witís end. The normal parenting advice may not work at all. You might be at odds with your childís teachers over how to address any issues in the classroom. With any diagnosis about one of your children, you can even feel cheated, guilty, let down, overwhelmed or confused.

Now youíre searching for solutions for ADD or anything to help. Youíll find different treatments out there, from medication to therapy. So why should this free ADD program help?

First, itís free. You donít have to invest a lot of money to find out if it will work for you. If you already looked around the site, you will see there are weekly lessons. Why not browse through them and see all the topics? Each week offers you useful action steps and reviews these week to week. We will teach you techniques for both you and your child, give you ideas on how to implement them, and then help you monitor your progress.

Secondly, this free ADD program will help create order in your home. It starts by helping you see the positives of ADD. What? Yes! There are positive aspects of ADD, and this GET Fit To Focus program will help you focus on the positives about your child.

Thirdly, weíll look at building your childís self esteem. We wonít change your child to fit into what the world thinks they should be. We will celebrate your child the way she is. We will work on developing positive habits that will enable your child to function successfully at home and at school.

The list of benefits goes on and on. Weíll look at cost verses reward in making decisions and other tools that will help your child manage their ADD. The program will build on each success. Youíll get to praise your child and get to enjoy time with him or her.

Letís Get Fit To Focus is all about teaching your child useful tools to manage their ADD, and not see themselves as their diagnosis. So yes, a free ADD program can greatly help your family, if you decide to commit to it.

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