Calories in a Weight Loss Diet

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weighttogo,A calorie is a pre-metric measurement of energy, first defined in 1824 by Professor Nicolas Clement. In most cases this measurement of energy has been largely replaced with the joule, accept when it comes to calculating the energy within food. The measurement of calories is based upon specific heats of water and when referred to in food and nutrition the measurement is actually kilocalories which are larger units that over time have been shortened and are now referred to as just calories.
The human body uses energy in order to function, even when sleeping your body continues to use energy in order to repair and grow. Weight is gained when you consume more calories than your body uses and the excess is stored. In order to maintain a certain weight level you need to balance the number of calories you consume the number of calories your body uses to function.
Continually consuming more calories than your body will result in weight gain which, in turn, can lead to obesity. This can have a drastic effect on the body. For example, obesity increases the likelihood of some diseases including heart disease, type- two diabetes, breathing difficulties and cancer.

Weight To Go offers a low calorie complete meal replacement diet that totals only 850 calories per day. Most people want to be sure they will lose weight on a diet, and then how much ? The number of calories a woman's body uses varies but as an average is approximately 2000, this rises to 2500 for men. Therefore, with the Weight to Go diet plan you'll be consuming far fewer calories than you use. This, combined with the nutritional balance in the diet, means you'll lose weight quickly and safely.
The structure of the Weight to Go weight loss diet is a daily menu that includes a flavoursome shake for breakfast, delicious real food soup for lunch followed by a further afternoon shake, a scrumptious real food dinner and finally another yummy shake. All of the Weight To Go meals are prepared for you and come in convenient microwaveable pouches. The extensive range of meals Chicken Casserole, Cumbrian Meatballs, Pasta Bolognese and many more.
Take a look at our one week, four week and weekend off diet boxes or browse through our website for more information on our success stories.

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