Calorie Shifting - A Foolproof Diet

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If you are looking for a fool proof diet to shed off a couple of pounds, then keep reading. A breakthrough new diet called calorie shifting is becoming more and more popular as people young and old are seeing amazing results. The idea behind it is simple and you are still able to eat the foods that you would normally eat.

The secret behind calorie shifting is pretty straightforward. First, decide on how much weight you want to lose over the course of one week. Generally 3500 calories is equal to one pound of body weight. So let's say you wanted to lose one pound of fat per week. You take 3500 and divide it 7(days) and that leaves you with 500 calories. That is the amount you will be subtracting from your average daily caloric requirement, which is based on your current weight, height and age. So, for example, let's say you require 2500 calories a day on average. Subtract the 500 and that would leave you with 2000 calories per day. It is important not to exceed that amount if you want to be successful.

Now the trick to this diet is to alternate the calories of each meal you eat. So you could consume a large meal followed by three small meals, all of different caloric value. This keeps your metabolism high because your body is always digesting something. Try to eat as many meals as possible every single day too, but remember not to snack! Snacking will throw off the process and upset your metabolism, which is the single most important factor when you are trying to drop some pounds!

Check out the most foolproof diet I've ever come across, the calorie shifting diet. By tricking your body into increasing it's metabolism naturally, you'll be able to shed off pounds while still being able to eat pretty much whatever you want. Get the info by visiting Read through the information there and give it a try!

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