Calling Cards: Basic Tips to Choose the Best One

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Calling Cards: Basic Tips to Choose the Best One

There are so many companies selling Calling Cards off line and online. Before choosing the product, it is suggested you to take your time and check out the features offered by the companies. Our intention is to guide you and make you aware and trying to give you some tips which may be useful while choosing best calling cards. Here are follows:

1. Destination Rate - Your call cost be different extensively depending on the destination you aim to call. Also, price fluctuates when you call land lines, mobile phones or International cell phones using calling cards. On the internet, you can get this charge as ¢/minute. Most commercial calling cards will offer you around 2¢/minute. If you call only exact destinations, search for providers who really provide cheap call rates for the destinations you choose.

2. Calling Time- There are so many providers who offer low rates only during precise hours in a day. You should choose cards which will offer consistent rates during all hours in a day.

3. Schedule For Minute Billing - You have to be very watchful when the minute billing schedule offered by calling cards providers. 1 minute rounding will charge you for 5 minutes If you talk for 4.5 minutes. On the other hand, 3 minute rounding will cost you for 6 minutes when you talk for 4.3 minutes.

4. Unconnected Call Charges - You have to be very sure that you are providing the charges for connected calls only. If you think that you will be charged only for connected calls, Then You might be wrong with some calling card providers. You should have the knowledge about such charges before.

5. Online Facility - Now a days calling card providers offer online facility to recharge the card as you like. You logged in to the card account and get recharge your card as per your need. You need this facility when you need use phone card to make long distance calls as well as local calls.

6. Additional Taxes and Fees - There are so many calling card providers offer calling cards at lowest price. They might be imposing huge additional changes and taxes. Check these rates before taking the services.

7. Customer Support - you have to be very sure that the calling card service provider must be giving customer support service. Any queries and problems can be solved immediately.

Apart from all these above tips there are some tips like to check such as expiration date, guarantee and delivery of cards.

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