Call to Bangladesh for Only Pennies a Minute

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Making a cheap call to Bangladesh used to be impossible before the development of internet phone technology. Now, anyone with friends, family members, or colleagues in this heavily populated country can stay connected for only pennies a minute. With a growing number of phone providers that offer low rates to call Bangladesh, there are many options to choose from. However, not all internet phone providers are created equal, and it pays to comparison shop before committing yourself to one provider. Here are several of the leading companies that offer good quality service and low rates for making a call to Bangladesh.

MediaRing Talk
MediaRing Talk is extremely popular with over 3 million users because of their low rates and straightforward service. Unlike most other providers, they don't have connection fees and hidden charges. They also don't require users to commit to a monthly subscription. The rate to anywhere within Bangladesh is a highly competitive 3.5 US cents per minute from the United States to any landline or mobile phone, and PC to PC calls are free. MediaRing Talk only requires users to purchase $10.00 in credit to begin making calls to Bangladesh. Signup for the service is fast and easy, and additional services include instant messaging with presence and multi-user voice conferencing.

Skype is well-known worldwide and has almost become synonymous with internet phone service. Like MediaRing Talk, they have free PC to PC calls, voice conferencing, and instant messaging.

Inexpensive rates are available for those calling landline or mobile phones within the city limits of Chittagong, Dhaka, or Sylhet. Service availability to other areas within Bangladesh may not be available. A minimum of $10.00 in Skype Credit must be purchased to initiate a call. Subscription plans are currently not available for making calls to Bangladesh.

Jajah has quickly become one of the new players in the internet phone market. They offer a variety of services including low-cost global phone to phone calls, mobile web calls, and Twitter calls that let you make two minute messages on the popular microblogging service. For calling landlines in Bangladesh from the United States, the rate is currently 13.6 US cents per minute. The rate to mobile phones is 18.4 cents per minute.

Lingo is one more provider that has an inexpensive option for making a cheap call to Bangladesh. They are currently running the "Hello World Unlimited Plan" promotion for $4.95 per month for the first three months that gives callers a low rate of 5.9 US cents per minute to landlines throughout Bangladesh. This plan also includes free unlimited calls to anywhere in the U.S., free unlimited calls to 30 other countries, and 20 additional features. It's important to note that after the first three months, the plan's rate jumps to $21.95 per month.

With AT&T currently charging 50 US cents per minute to call Bangladesh and Verizon charging over a dollar per minute, using an internet phone provider is a smart option for long distance calls. If you are a frequent dialer, you can literally save yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year, by choosing one of these inexpensive services. Remember, though, to compare prices and plans and choose the right provider for your usage pattern.

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