Call Sequencing Service by 0844 numbers

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If your office phone calls are very large in number and that the help desk operation is becoming more and more hectic for one operator and that your telephone operator remains busy every time and is over worked with too many duties in too little time then there is a solution for you , Which is call sequencing - one of the additional services provided with 0844 numbers.

When the caller call your number the call is automatically attended through the auto attend service then a recorded welcome message is played after which the work of call sequencing starts. If there is a huge traffic of calls then it is necessary that the calls in the pipeline are to be served as fast as possible and that none of the caller has to wait unnecessarily. As a solution for that the calls are always handled on FIFO bases that the first call is served first and the second after that and hence forth. This is how the calls are needed to remain in sequence so that no one caller has to wait extra long to be served.

The call sequencing service play their role here in sequencing the calls and maintaining the rule of first in first out service.
For example you have three telephone operators to serve the callers, and you have one 0844 number which is mapped to each of your telephone operators number and all them ring simultaneously as any call comes . The first operator to pick the call serves the caller and hence forth the second call be served by one of the other two operators. Forwarding this calls to the free one operator is the routing services provided with the -944 numbers where managing the call traffic before they are routed is done by the call sequencer. So, the caller who is in the pipeline or sequence waiting for his turn to be served usually listens to some informative messages about the business or any other thing.

So, call sequencing is basically ensures that calls are answered in the order in which they are received, so that callers do not have to remain on hold unnecessarily. And for this rich and hi-tech service you don't need to buy any extra equipment . What you need to do is just get an 0844 number for your business and let your service provider know that you need to subscribe to this service. However if you want to set up your own call sequencer it will cost you a lot more than getting call sequencing service from a 0844 numbers provider. So, you yourself have to decide whether you have to setup a call sequencer device which will cost your thousands or a you want a simple subscription to call sequencing service which will cost you tens!!

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