Call of Duty: Black Ops-Review

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Loved by some, reviled by others ... Call of Duty franchise has become its own right in one of the biggest names in the gaming industry. With Black Ops and stores around the world dispels doubt if Treyarch guys would definitely be able to keep the series on their own after the demise of Infinity Ward as we knew it. The answer is yes, and that in fact at hand is the best game this team has curdled so far.

The drama of the year in the world of the game, the flight of talents from Jason West and Vince Zampella, Infinity Ward, has resulted in the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, a game that has not been adversely affected by weather of instability that has surrounded the franchise during the last twelve months.

Numbers, History and campaign-

The influence of film has always been key to understanding the saga Call of Duty, but more than ever in the case of Black Ops, probably more indebted delivery formulations that Hollywood has ever seen. Treyarch strongly emphasized during the production of title in order to create strong bonds of empathy between the protagonist and the audience.

In fact at the beginning of the adventure the introduction is extremely dry and direct, planted in first person in an interrogation session in which we are the victim. From there the story is based on a continuous series of flashbacks, with great skill and craft, will take us from point to point in the world in a plot that mixes with generous result countless completely different locations and times. In the early stages we will be as lost, not knowing exactly what is happening, why we are there, what are the mysterious numbers on which the entire plot pivots or what we want from our captors.

The most positive thing of all is that, without offering absolutely no new element in the story mode beyond its flashbacks and exposition in its own way of telling what's going on, Treyarch has gotten a tremendous sense of the varied action. There is nothing in the campaign of Black Ops that we have not seen hundreds of times in the formula created in 2003 and Infinity Ward with Call of Duty original, and then rounded off in 2007 with the first Modern Warfare, but while the diversity of their levels get hitched in such a way that seems to cool something that really is not at all.

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