Call Israel Free From Your Mobile: Why Pay Extortionate Rates When You Can Get It For Cheap?

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If you belong to the Jewish community, there is a strong chance that you have some relatives or friends living in Israel; in case you are Jewish and live in the U.S., Europe or any other part of the world, you many need to communicate with friends, relatives or business acquaintances who live in Israel. Businesspeople from the U.S. and all over the world also need to communicate with their counterparts in Israel, and we mostly communicate through phones. Travelers who’ve come to spend time in the Holy Land also end up spending too much on communicating with their family.

But phones rates can be prohibitively expensive. The internet revolution has ensured that there are other ways in which you can communicate with your friends, relatives or business partners. The capital city of Israel, Tel Aviv, is a huge free Wi-Fi network. This means that you can easily chat with people across the world though the internet and you can also use the chat facility for instant ‘live’ communication. The free Wi-Fi network works in most parts of the city and so you don’t even have to pay any nominal fees!

But at times it is not enough to chat or email: sometimes, you need to talk one-to-one if you really want to communicate. In such a situation, you can make a phone call. The only problem is that making overseas phone calls can cost a lot. The telecom companies throughout the world have relaxed their call charges for local and national calls, but they still charge extortionate rates for overseas calls. If you make an international call, more likely than not, you will be worried about your rising phone bill. Consequently, many of us end up having a short and staccato conversation instead of a long, warm, drawn-out talk!

If you are in Tel Aviv, it would be a shame not to use the Wi-Fi to make free video calls. Using the free internet you can make VoIP calls using free services like Skype. If the internet connection and the internet speed are good on your side as well as on the side of the person you are trying to talk to, this can be an amazing way to beat the rising call rates. Anyone can call Israel for free by using these services; the only catch is that you need to have an internet connection, and you need to install a rather bulky program on your computer to make it work. Also, as you use the free version of such services, you don’t get decent call quality and you many experience frequent disconnections.

But there are other options that allow you to call any part of Israel for very nominal rates. There are a number of sites on the internet that provide internet calling services. Like other free calling and video conferencing sites, they too utilize the power of VoIP. But you do not need an internet connection, nor do you need to fill any registration form or give any personal information to take advantage of their services. All you need to do is get the access code to call Israel for free from their site, dial it on your mobile and start making free calls to Israel! You get perfect voice quality, and you can make international calls at local rates!

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