Call Hunting Using Hunt Groups

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Hunt Groups are one of the most powerful features of the call management system, eConsole. By using hunt groups, users can route all the incoming calls to any destination number that they wish, to fixed land lines and mobiles phones within the country or even to international locations.

If used right, hunt groups can ensure that your business answers each and every incoming call. In this day and age, a missed call often means a missed business opportunity. No business can afford to be lax about incoming calls.

Using hunt groups, you can specify 4 destination numbers that a particular incoming call can be routed to. That is not all. The 4 destination numbers are just at one level, there ate ten such levels, which means that there are up to 40 destination numbers that you can route the call to. It is up to you to decide how the destination numbers should be sequenced, how long each call should ring and what should happen if none of the destination numbers are available to answer the call. Perhaps you would like to redirect the call to a voice mailbox, another call queue or an IVR menu.

You can configure multiple hunt groups for each service plan and can switch between them as and when you wish. You may pre-configure different hunt groups to operate during different times of the day.

The call hunting pattern in a hunt group could be linear or circular.

Linear call hunting

In linear call hunting, the calls are routed to all the destination numbers in level 1 simultaneously. After the call rings for a preset duration of time and if it is not answered, it is then routed to the next 4 numbers in level 2. In a similar fashion, the calls will be routed to all the levels that are configured within the hunt group. The amount of time that each level rings can be configured.

Circular call hunting

In circular call hunting, the first call will go to a number in the level 1 destination. The next call goes to a level 2 destination and so on. Calls continue to be routed to each level as they come in till the final destination number is reached. Then the calls are looped back to the level 1 again. If the level is busy, then the call is routed to the next level.

Hunt groups can be used with 0800 numbers,
0871 Numbers and 0330 numbers. To learn about hut groups and service plans on 0845 numbers, 0844 numbers, premium rate numbers, freephone numbers and 0330 numbers visit Numbertalk website.

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