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China has the largest expatriate community in the world. A large number of Chinese citizens choose to study, live, and work in countries like the U.S. and U.K. Especially in U.S. there are a large number of Chinese students as well as Chinese families. Chinese businessmen also travel to many parts of the world like Canada, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE, and South Korea.

If you are a Chinese living aboard, it is quite likely that you miss your friends and family members in China, and you would obviously like to keep in touch with them. Living away from home, one tends to miss one’s close friends a lot. But in the 21st century, the distances don’t matter much because there are various ways in which you can keep in touch with the people you like: you can email, you can chat on the internet or Facebook, and you can talk on the phone.

China’s economy is booming, and over the last three decades, the country has managed to grow consistently at the rate of 10% or more, and it is expected that the Chinese economy will trump the US economy and become the world’s largest economy by 2035. A large number of businesses from all over the world are trying to build strong business ties with China, and a number of people are learning to speak Mandarin along with English! A number of businesspeople with interest in China also need to keep in touch with their Chinese counterparts, and at the end of the month they get a heavy telephone bill.

Whether you are a Chinese national in a foreign country, or a foreign businessman with interests in China, you need to call and talk to people one-on-one, many times a week. And then have to pay a stiff phone bill. But with the advent of internet telephony, it has now become possible to call china free! There is no need to cut a conversation short because of rising phone bills. You do not need to add a substantial amount to the overflowing coffers of your telephone company!

A number of companies provide internet telephony, and you can use their services to call China for free (or for minimal rates). The internet revolution makes it possible for companies to use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and this means they can afford to let you call China for free. The best part about these services is that you do not need to buy any credits cards or enroll in a program that reduces the rates on your international calls. The only catch is you might face the problem of poor connection while using such free calling services. If you don’t mind frequent disconnections and a little bit of disturbance, you can talk for as long as you want to people in China without paying a single penny.

If you insist on perfect voice quality and connection, you can use internet calling services. Using such services, you can call China for minimal rates from your own mobile. You are charged local rates according to your plan while you talk on an international call through such internet calling services. Free calling sites let you use their access codes, and once you enter the access codes on your mobile, you can make international calls at local rates. These services work best because the call quality is perfect, and you can talk for as long as you want!

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