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This is true that Call Center India is one of the most preferred destinations for most Global organizations. India is preferred over Philippines, China, Malaysia and other Asian countries due to manifold advantages. Most offshore Companies are opting for Call Center India as their first preferences and then opting for some other place.

Cost-effective services and customer-oriented call centers are available in all major cities of India including Kolkata. Call Center Kolkata have all the facilities to make them one of the best in India and abroad. Many International organizations are availing services from Call Center Kolkata to make them at competitive edge. There are certain capabilities which have made Call Center Kolkata stand high amongst competitors:

Educated vibrant work-force: Call Center Kolkata employs large number of qualified, IT literate, tech-savvy, skilled candidates who are fluent and well-versed with English language. Kolkata is one of the metro cities in India which is molding young teenagers into vibrant, educated and educated graduates. The younger generation can adopt to the environment well and take on the task well.

Cost-Effective Call Center Kolkata: Younger smart generation is willing to work at lower price to deliver services at much lower price as compared to other countries. Manpower in Kolkata, India is available at the fraction of the cost of what is perceived in other countries, making it relevant to charge low from clients. This enables saving in the operational cost and hence higher profit margin in the long run.

Variety of services from single contact center: Call Center Kolkata is the main hub for outsourcing services including inbound call center, telemarketing services, technical help-desk services, disaster recovery services, and lot more. Call Center Kolkata can provide host of services without compromising on quality of services. This ability to deliver services at best makes them stand apart amongst other countries. India has best of expertise, technology, people, resources, and operational expertise and the ability to utilize resources accurately in time. All these factors contribute to the success of Call Center Kolkata.

Time Zone advantage: Time gap of 12hrs between the global organizations and Call Center Kolkata results in efficient delivery of services along with round the clock delivery of services.
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