Call Center Industry, Philippine’s Top Rising Industry

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One of the best jobs that many Filipinos are saying today is being a call center agent. What made it so popular among many Filipinos is because of its competitive benefits and salary. Though not all call center agencies can provide the same competitiveness that many other call center companies in the Philippines are known for, they are still known to provide work for those looking for one.

According to the government, the call center industry was once known as one of the few solutions for unemployment, particularly for the many young adults and the newly graduates. This is because, unlike other jobs, call center agencies normally doesn't require applicants to be a bachelor of a specific course, nor do they require college graduates. What they require for their applicants is their skills in communications using English as well as basic knowledge in using a computer.

Today, however, the call center industry now requires a little more from its applicants. Compared in the past in which high school graduates can easily get the job, many call center companies today, particularly with the larger ones, require their applicants to be a college graduate and above average knowledge in IT.

The rise of call center industry
The call center industry of the past is known only for its email response and managing services. However, because of the many outsourced call center companies opening in the Philippines, a number of new services have been introduced in the market. Most of these include customer relation services and Live Answering Service such as travel services, technical support, education, customer care, and financial services.

Other than just customer relation services and Live Answering Service, many call center agencies also offer a more business-to-business services such as online business to customer support and online business to business support.

Because of this, and the increase of outsourced call center companies in the Philippines, Filipinos have been offered a new line of profession which doesn't require too much from its applicants. This is the reason why the call center industry because one of the government's solution to the growing unemployment problem in the Philippines.

The fall of call center industry
However, because of recent events, such as global recession and a number of government problems and conflicts, the call center industry of the Philippines have plummeted from its position in the market.

Because majority of call center companies were only outsourced from the US, which was heavily devastated by global recession, many of these companies have closed down which resulted in a wide spread unemployment. Another major change that happened in the past is with its requirements and recruitment processes. Although most of their services only involve Live Answering Service, call center managers still required their applicants to possess a college degree and above average in IT.

Call center industry of today
The call center industry of today have regained much of what was lost when global recession has hit the US and the Philippines. A number of new call center agencies have also been set up across the Philippines, both local and outsourced. For more information visit to our site

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