Call Center Industry of the Philippines: Before and After Global Recession

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The call center industry gained a lot of popularity in the Philippines due to its many successful business answering service that allowed the industry to tap on many other markets in the Philippines, from large corporations and companies, to small and medium businesses.

The success of the call center industry had also placed the Philippines as the second largest provider of call center services in the global market. And according to many industry experts, the call center industry is set to overtake India as the leading Live Answering Service provider of the whole world.

However, before the call center industry of the Philippines had almost gained the highest global achievement, the industry had also faced many trials in the past, particularly when global recession had hit the Philippine economy.

Before Global Recession
The call center industry was founded when a number of third-party companies, which were provider of email response and managing services, had started to offer live answering services to their clients. Eventually, the demand for call center services had risen and that the number of call center companies and agencies had also grown to accommodate this growing demand.

However, what made the call center industry more successful is when new Business Answering Service were introduced in the market, allowing small and medium companies to make use of call center services for their own businesses.

What made the call center industry more successful, however, is when foreign investors have arrived in the Philippines. Because of the massive and healthy growth of the call center industry of the Philippines, many foreign investors took this chance to start a call center business of their own. However, most of their clients were offshore companies and businesses which allowed the Philippines to enter the global market.

During Global Recession
When global recession had hit the Philippine economy, many industries that relied on their foreign investors were the first ones to get affected, particularly the call center industry in which most of its revenues are coming from the US, which was heavily devastated by global recession.

According to industry experts, many call center companies in the Philippines had closed down. However, there were also those that survived global recession even though the number of foreign investors had dramatically declined. Most call centers that survived are those that offers Business Answering Service to small and medium businesses, business who are little or unaffected by global recession.

After Global Recession
After Global Recession, the call center industry had risen again from the market. And because of the continuous flow of foreign investors in the Philippines, as well as the growth of new call center companies and agencies in the country, the Philippines is set to become the call center capital of the world in years to come.

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