Call Center Industry as the Sunshine Industry of the Philippines

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The call center industry in the Philippines was known as one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. And today, the call center industry is now known as the Sunshine Industry of the country because of its massive growth in only less than a decade. So what are the reasons why the call center industry of the Philippines have grown so much in almost half the time it takes for one industry to grow?

Success in Outsourcing Services
According to many industry experts, the call center industry in the Philippines gained most of its success because of its Outsource Call Center services to offshore companies and foreign investors. However, before the industry had expanded to this, the call center industry first grew within the Philippines.

The call center industry is said to have started as plain providers of email response and managing services in the Philippines which eventually grew to offer customer relation services through the use of phone such as customer support, technical support, travel services, reservation services, financial services, and many more.

Because of the growth of its services, the demand had also significantly grown in the market. And this demand also resulted in the growth of call center companies and small agencies in the Philippines, offering their own Outsource Call Center services to different businesses and companies in the country.

However, other than the increase of local call center companies and agencies, a number of foreign investors have also landed in the Philippines to take advantage of its fast and continuous growth and offer their own call center services to businesses in the Philippines.

Some of the most recognized foreign companies include Sykes, Convergys, eTelecare, Accenture, and many more, and these are just multinational companies, there are also many smaller foreign owned call center companies in the Philippines.

But what made it more successful is that these foreign investors have also brought foreign clients in the Philippines, which led to other offshore companies and businesses to outsource their call center services in the Philippines.

According to many industry experts, the reason why many offshore companies and businesses chose to outsource and invest their business in the Philippines is because of the Filipinos’ fluency in using the English language, which is considered as the country’s competitive edge in the world market in terms of providing outsourced services such as Outsource Call Center services to any English speaking companies and businesses around the world.

Because of the success of the call center industry providing outsourcing call center services to both local and foreign companies, the government had later recognized the call center industry as the Sunshine Industry of the Philippines,

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