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California, one of the largest states in Western part of USA is a place, where the two main political parties, the Republicans and Democrats have almost equal presence. The balance of power is so even in the state, that the administration had to go for bi-partisan gerrymandering a few years back. But despite this, the politics in California has remained a complex matter as none of the local governments, that have ruled the state over the last 50-60 years have succeeded in resolving some of the major issues that have lead to sufferings of the inhabitants of the state.
Water dispute is one of the most well known political controversies of California and several news centering this issue often find places in the local dailies. Thanks to the unique geographical character of the state, the distribution of water among the Northern and Southern part of California has been quite uneven and this often leads to political problems in the state. Another political issue that often leads to rallies, campaigns and agitations indifferent parts of the state is the land price hike. Majority of the population in California are reluctant to sell their lands as they prefer waiting to get high value for their property. This is becoming a critical issue as day by day it is becoming difficult for people to build or buy homes of their own. Not only that, the attitude of the California is also leading to problems in the development of the state. The government always struggle to acquire lands for developing projects in California.

Increasing rate of criminal activities is also a major concern for the Governor of California. The dominance of gangs in the city areas and rise in the number of murders in rural areas are problems that the ruling political party in California is struggling to cope with.
California is a state, where political issue crop up every day and every hour. To get information on California's politics you may log on to the sites that deal with these issues. There are several online communities that keep a cl;ose watch constantly on the political developments in California and offer people a platform to discuss and express their views in what can be done to make California a better place to live. So log on to the net today and search for such communities. If you are interested in the politics of California you will surely find these sites interesting.

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